Head of Unit – SciLifeLab Display and Selection Technologies

Lund University

Application deadline

March 17, 2024

Head of Unit – SciLifeLab Display and Selection Technologies

Lunds universitet, LTH, Department of Immunotechnology

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Description of the workplace

The Department of Immunotechnology represents an environment with research ranging from advanced technology development to biomedical research. Main research areas include immuno-oncology, sensitization and biomarkers. Advanced technologies are used within the department, including genomics and transcriptomics, antibody development based on phage display, large-scale mass spectrometry-based proteomics, and associated bioinformatics. The Department is also responsible for several student courses and we offer high-quality education at undergraduate and graduate level. The service is directly connected to the national infrastructure within SciLifeLab and its Drug Discovery and Development Platform. About 35 people work at the Department.

We offer

Lund University is a state authority, which means you get special benefits, generous holidays and a favorable occupational pension. Lund University is a leading university, in close proximity to Denmark and continental Europe, which generates knowledge and competence for a sustainable future. We have committed and ambitious colleagues in a creative, international and dynamic work environment. If necessary, we offer help to become a resident of Sweden. Read more on the university’s website about being employed by us Work with us.

Duties and areas of responsibility

The Drug Discovery and Development platform at the Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab DDD) is a national infrastructure for academic drug development with the goal of translating academic discoveries into drug candidates and commercialization. The platform has been in existance for almost ten years and has contributed to more than ten start-ups and four läkemedel in clinical trials. It consists of over 40 employees distributed across six universities and runs projects in collaboration with academic researchers from all over Sweden.

Due to retirements and an increased focus on multifunctional protein therapy, two collaborative, target-oriented units at KTH and Lund University will now be restructured and we are now looking for a new Head of Unit for the SciLifeLab unit “Display and Selection Technologies” (DST) which is located at Lund University. It is part of the research environment within the Department of Immunotechnology, an environment with extensive experience in areas such as antibody technology, bioinformatics, biomarker studies and immuno-oncology. The DST group will consist of three senior researchers supported by two scientific advisors (professor level), one of whom is housed in the local research environment. The unit’s primary responsibility will be to deliver characterized antibodies and derivatives thereof to projects within the platform and to develop tailored technologies for the platform.

In addition to self-designed phage display libraries (scFv and Fab), we are currently developing an antibody library based on a so-called single domain concept and we expect to develop other display platforms and machine learning/AI competencies for antibody development. The unit will have a close collaboration with the “Therapeutic Protein Engineering” unit consisting of six people at KTH, Stockholm and with other units within SciLifeLab DDD. Development activities are focused on designing new drug candidates and methods to develop these into protein-based therapy.

As the DST unit leader, you will be responsible for the overall technical planning to ensure that project-driven activities are delivered according to plan. You will also be responsible for maintaining a creative work environment in the group through coaching leadership and managing the administrative tasks assigned to the unit. You are also the key to maintaining a close collaboration with the unit at KTH. Together with the scientific leader of the platform, you will drive the development of the unit by establishing new methods and techniques, e.g. new formats for multifunctional molecules and conjugates with proximity-induced pharmaceutical effects.


Requirements for the position are:

  • PhD degree or equivalent in molecular immunology, biotechnology or molecular biology, or an MSc degree supplemented by very extensive experience in the specific research area
  • Experience from the biotechnology industry/pharmaceutical industry or relevant academic environment
  • Established track record of leading roles in industry or academia
  • Ability to combine the leadership role with the role of technical expert.
  • Experience of interdisciplinary work in a delivery-focused environment
  • Documented experimental ability in the research area.
  • Highly motivated to engage in projects formally owned by other parties

Meritorious for the position are:

Experience from:

  • Studies and development of antibodies
  • Selection-based strategies for the identification of proteins using combinatorial library technology
  • Development of bi- or multifunctional antibodies, single domain antibodies or antibody-drug conjugates
  • Use of data-driven methods (machine learning/AI) to predict structure-function relationships
  • Early phase drug discovery in an industrial environment
  • Ability to transform scientific findings into innovations
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English
  • Experience in developing people

Great emphasis will be placed on personal skills such as organizational and leadership skills, communication skills and the ability to lead parallel projects with external partners. Consideration will also be given to how the applicant, through his(her experience and competence, is judged to complement and strengthen the Department’s operations and contribute to its future development.

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