Postdoctoral position in data-driven pathogen epidemiology

Umeå University

Application deadline

January 31, 2023

Postdoctoral position in data-driven pathogen epidemiology

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Postdoctoral position in data-driven pathogen epidemiology

A fully funded, two-year postdoc position is immediately available in the Department of Clinical Microbiology at Umeå University. The position is open to computational scientists with an interest in microbial (meta)genomic data analysis. 
Application deadline January 31, 2023

Description of the project

Tracking the spread of antimicrobial resistant bacterial pathogens from farm to fork using whole-genome sequencing.

Work responsibilities

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the greatest threats facing humanity today, and there is concern that antimicrobial use in livestock environments can contribute to the emergence and spread of AMR bacterial pathogens along the food supply chain. Here, the postdoc will develop and apply bioinformatic approaches, which can query whole-genome sequencing (WGS) data derived from foodborne zoonotic pathogens (e.g., Salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli) to monitor the spread of AMR pathogens between livestock, foods, and humans.


A person who has been awarded a doctorate or a foreign qualification deemed to be the equivalent of a doctorate data-driven pathogen epidemiology is eligible for appointment as postdoctoral researcher. This eligibility requirement must be met no later than the time at which the appointment decision is made. 

Applicants must:

  • Hold a PhD, preferably in bioinformatics, computational biology, (bio)statistics, (applied) mathematics, computer science, or a related field; candidates from other fields with strong programming/coding skills (see below) are also encouraged to apply.
  • Be proficient in UNIX shell scripting, plus another relevant language (e.g., Python, R).
  • Be proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Be comfortable working in a diverse, inclusive, interdisciplinary, and highly collaborative environment.

Additional useful qualifications 

Since appointment as a postdoctoral researcher is a career-development position for junior researchers, we are primarily interested in applicants who completed their doctoral degree no more than three years before the application deadline. If there are special reasons, an applicant who has completed their degree earlier than that may be considered. Special reasons include absence due to illness, parental leave, clinical practice, appointments of trust for a trade union organisation or other similar circumstances, and for relevant duties/assignments within the subject area. 

Applicants might have previous experience:

  • With phylodynamic model development or application
  • Analyzing genomic data In the biological sciences . 

More information about the position

The appointment is a full-time, fixed-term position for two-year (minimum two and maximum three years) in accordance with the terms of contract for fixed-term employment as a postdoctoral researcher from 1 February 2022. 

Information about the departements website Institutionen för klinisk mikrobiologi

The position is funded via the SciLifeLab and Wallenberg National Program for Data- Driven Life Science (DDLS;, a 12-year initiative aimed at recruiting and training the next generation of data-driven life scientists. The postdoc will be affiliated with the national DDLS program, through which they will have access to computing resources, the national DDLS research school, and other training and networking opportunities.

The postdoc will be further affiliated with the Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS;; MIMS is a member of the Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine, which is dedicated to the growing field of life sciences that investigates the molecular basis of disease and explores molecularly and genetically based treatments.


The position is fully funded for two years and starts immediately or as agreed. 
The application must include:

  • A brief description of your research interests and a statement describing why you are interested in the position.
  • CV List of publications
  • Degree certificate from doctoral studies and other relevant degrees
  • Contact details of two reference persons

The application must be written in English. The application must be made via our e-recruitment system Varbi and must be received latest January 31, 2023.


For more information, contact Laura Carroll (


According to agreement



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Registration number

AN 2.2.1-2035-22

Union representative

SACO, 090-7865365

SEKO, 090-7865296

ST, 090-7865431

We look forward to receiving your application!

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