Communicate your Science competition winners revealed

SciLifeLab researchers Dörte Schlesinger, Jörg Bachmann and Chiara Zagami will get their research animated by the Fair Journal after winning a science communication challenge, organized at SciLifeLab’s Campus Solna – take a look at the winning essay, video and drawing below.

A competition was launched by the Campus Solna Science Talks symposium committee in April, to promote community building and boosting creativity in science communication at the campus. The sky was truly the limit in the competition, with not much instructions other than to communicate a scientific idea to a non-expert audience in a creative way.

Entries in the competition ranged from posters, paintings, essays and videos. Today, the winners were presented by SciLifeLab Director Olli Kallioniemi at the final day of the symposium. They were all awarded the opportunity to illustrate their research using professional video cartoons, published in the Fair Journal. The winning entries can be seen in their entirety below, and the winners, with the jury’s motivation, in no particular order, are:

Dörte Schlesinger – Uncovering the secret life of the protein gnomes in our cells (essay)
The author makes great use of the analogy chosen and sticks to it all the way through the text, explaining a difficult topic in an easy way. Furthermore, the text is very well written and the analogy is perfect for the topic.

Jörg Bachmann – Predator to pet (video)
You immediately understand what this video is about, and the calm narrator is able to explain a difficult topic so that anyone can understand. On top of this, the simple and effective visual support and the music is in perfect tune with the voice.

The Lagom molecule for a healthy gut – Chiara Zagami (drawing)
This beautifully drawn image, with great attention to details, immediately draws your attention and communicates a scientific concept with just one image.


Last updated: 2021-06-17

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