Groundbreaking research and the beauty of science, in new art exhibition at SciLifeLab Campus Solna

With the advancement of visualizing techniques for molecules, cells and complex data, it’s time to share some of the ground-breaking science taking place at SciLifeLab. This is now done through the art exhibition Visualizing research at SciLifeLab Campus Solna, which aims at showcasing the beauty of science and what it’s like to work at SciLifeLab. The project invited all members of SciLifeLab’s community to submit images in early May, and now, the images are to be displayed at Campus Solna.

“We hope that the graphics will be informative and inspiring for everyone at SciLifeLab, as well as our visitors. And that it will provide an insight into what it is like to work at such a world-class institute”, says Alexey Amunts, SciLifeLab Fellow at Stockholm University.

22 researchers are participating in the exhibition, with a total of 43 images visualizing everything from spinal neurons and lung cell types, to tonsil tissue and cancer biomarkers.

“We wanted to contribute to SciLifeLab’s research environment through scientific communication. This is a unique initiative that involves different communities at SciLifeLab: researchers, units, management, and the communications team. It bridges different aspects of SciLifeLab and helps to form our identity. From the outward-looking perspective, we create a bank of authentic images that can be used to convey SciLifeLab’s vision in the upcoming years.”

The images are now on their way to the printer’s to be prepared for display in the Alfa and Gamma buildings at Campus Solna.

“When science is done well, as practised here at the SciLifeLab Campus Solna, it is one of human kind’s highest forms of art. The images in this collection, documenting the extreme beauty of living systems, serve to remind us of this. As Alexey points out, these remarkable images will inspire our Campus Solna community as we go about the mission of pushing the envelope of understanding, obtaining detailed mechanistic insights into the many mysteries of life”,  says Per Ljungdahl, Campus Solna Director.

Furthermore, five winners have been selected and will be given the opportunity to work with professional illustrators Ella Maruschchenko, Beata Edyta Mierzwa and Jeroen Claus to make their next great cover image. The winners will be announced at Science Talks on August 28th and subsequently, posted here.

Check out all images included in the exhibition, in the gallery below (full scale images accessed through the button).


Last updated: 2020-08-24

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