This fall: the SciLifeLab Talk Show!

Highlighting our researchers and infrastructure, and delving into the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s life sciences. These are a few of the key focal points for the SciLifeLab Talk Show airing this fall; putting our community in the spotlight.

2020 has been an unusual and unforgettable year, to say the least. Many of us have been repositioned from our usual work to focus on projects related to the pandemic and a number of covid-19 efforts were quickly set up at SciLifeLab. What’s happened during these last six months, and what’s the status today?

2020 also marks the 10-year anniversary of SciLifeLab, and the launch of our roadmap 2020-2030, mapping out SciLifeLab’s strategic route through the next decade. How can we maximize the capacity of the Swedish life science ecosystem as a whole?

There’s a lot to talk about, and as of that, we’re delighted to introduce: the SciLifeLab Talk Show!

Putting our community in the spotlight

This fall, a talk show about SciLifeLab and its community takes place. We’ll be talking a bit about our first decade, but even more importantly, we’ll be looking into the future of SciLifeLab – where we’re headed and what’s coming up for our organization, Sweden’s research community, and life sciences in general. We’re also planning to visit the labs, sit down with our management, and talk to several other parts of the organization.

The show will air on Fridays, November 20 – December 11, at 14:00. We hope you look forward to it as much as we do!

Make sure to register!

By registering for the talk show, you’ll receive reminders when the airings are coming up, and also, you’ll receive a complimentary t-shirt with the new SciLifeLab logo.

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Last updated: 2020-10-16

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