Call for DDLS Research School Courses

The DDLS Research School (RS) opens the call for courses in topics of relevance for data-driven life science research. The DDLS RS will offer courses (and other activities) to the DDLS PhD students, starting in the spring semester of 2025. In this call, we primarily solicit courses in DDLS where each course could cover one or more of the following topics:

  • Data handling in data-driven life science research
  • Algorithms in data-driven life science / Machine learning algorithms 
  • Study design for data-driven life science research
  • Deep learning
  • ELSI

The courses will be provided as a program within the DDLS RS with an intended study order (curriculum), enabling progression within the program. 

The course should:

  • Foster the networking within the DDLS PhD student community 
  • Be at the PhD course level (3rd cycle)
  • Encompass 3-5 hp
  • Take place on site 4-5 days, likely with digital activities ahead and after the on site session. The on site session should include at least one social event for the participants (e.g., a dinner, possibly w. additional social activities).
  • Be given once per year (exceptions may occur) either in the spring or in the fall, and likely during several years, upon agreement between DDLS RS and the course leader
  • Be prepared to accept at least 30 and probably not more than 70 DDLS RS PhD students (year 2025 there will be 67 registered DDLS RS PhD students)
  • Be allowed to accept additional PhD students outside DDLS RS; this is decided by the course leader (no additional reimbursement from DDLS)
  • If applicable build upon the prerequisites for the DDLS RS courses as specified in the DDLS PhD candidate selection document point 6 to be read at: 
  • Provide relevant course material according to the FAIR principles, as agreed with DDLS RS directors
  • Perform a course evaluation after each completed course, and communicate this course evaluation to the DDLS RS directors


  • Each course will be reimbursed by a fixed sum (not yet decided but estimated to be in the range of 100-150 kSEK per course) paid to the course leader’s department. The sum may depend on (i) number of students; (ii) additional extraordinary costs that need to be motivated. Cost for social activity not included in the reimbursement.

Welcome to submit your interest as a course provider by using the “Apply Here” button below.

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Deadline September 2nd 09:00

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