CryoEM in Drug Discovery

CryoEM in Drug Discovery

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June 8 @ 14:00 June 9 @ 12:00 CEST

CryoEM has quickly become an essential tool in academic research, with more than 1200 cryoEM structures deposited in the PDB in 2019. CryoEM is now also showing a significant impact on drug discovery in industry and academia.

This symposium, co-arranged by the Drug Discovery and Development platform and the CryoEM unit at SciLifeLab, highlights some of the recent advances in the field and familiarises the audience with the requirements, opportunities, and limitations of the technique. Speakers include leading scientists from both major pharma companies and academia.

By attending this symposium, you learn what cryoEM can bring to your research, what resources are available to Swedish researchers, and how to get started. We welcome both Swedish and international participants.

Session 1

All time slots below are in UTC+2 / CEST Time zone [Stockholm, Sweden].

June 8th – Afternoon

14:00Welcome words
Annika Jenmalm-Jensen, Infrastructure Director, SciLifeLab
14:05Introduction to the cryo-EM Unit at SciLifelab
Marta Carroni, SciLifeLab/Stockholm University, Sweden
14:15From Concept to Reality: CryoEM as an Integral Part of Drug Discovery and Development
Corey Strickland; Merck, Kenilworth, United States
14:55CryoEM at AstraZeneca
Chris Phillips; Astra Zeneca, UK
15:25Short break
15:30An integrated cryo-EM and AI based approach for new vaccine identification
Ilaria Ferlenghi, GSK, UK
16:00Cryo-EM structure of Helicobacter pylori urease with an inhibitor in the active site at 1.68 Å resolution 
Hartmut Luecke, University of Oslo, Norway
16:30CryoEM in industry, with an artisanal touch
Alexis Rohou, Genentech, United States
17:00Wrap up
Marta Carroni, SciLifeLab/Stockholm University, Sweden

Session 2

All time slots below are in UTC+2 / CEST Time zone [Stockholm, Sweden].

June 9th – Morning

09:00Session 2 Welcome
Marta Carroni, SciLifeLab/Stockholm University, Sweden
09:00Cryo-EM and crystal structure of the emerging cancer target PAICS in
complex with a low-nanomolar inhibitor

Jana Skerlova, Stockholm University, Sweden
09:15Using Cryo-EM for GPCR Drug Discovery and Development
Patrick M. Sexton, Monash University, Parkville, Australia
09:55Short break
10:00Cryo-EM at Novartis
Maryam Khoshouei, Novartis, Switzerland
10:30CryoEM of SARM1 reveals a trigger of axon degeneration
Katie Cunnea, Evotec, UK
11:00Concluding Remarks
Marta Carroni, SciLifeLab/Stockholm University, Sweden
Per Arvidsson, SciLifeLab/Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Anders Olsson, SciLifeLab/KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Scientific committee

  • Marta Carroni, Head of Cryo-EM unit, SciLifeLab
  • Per Arvidsson, Director Drug Discovery and Development platform, SciLifeLab
  • Anders Olsson, Head of Protein Expression and Characterization unit, SciLifeLab

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