Cell and Molecular Biology – DDLS symposium


Birgit Thilander Lecture Hall
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Cell and Molecular Biology – DDLS symposium

April 25, 2024 @ 12:00 April 26, 2024 @ 17:00 CEST

Welcome to this Cell and Molecular Biology symposium in April, organized by the SciLifeLab & Wallenberg National Program for Data-Driven Life Science. The conference aims to cover various topics in the field of data driven life science and multiomics. This event is open to anyone in the field with an interest in the topic!

Day one, on April 25, takes place in the Birgit Thilander Lecture hall and includes presentations from local and national experts within data driven life science research – and a keynote lecture by Prof. Edda Klipp from the Humboldt University in Berlin.

Day two, on April 26, takes place in the AstraZeneca facilities in Mölndal. Here we will meet with the exciting BioVenture Hub and learn about how AstraZeneca works with data driven life science in a clinical setting.

Data-driven Life Science

The future of life science is data-driven, providing major new opportunities to explore and understand biology, human health and changing ecosystems. The SciLifeLab & Wallenberg National Program for Data-Driven Life Science (DDLS) is set up to make use of these opportunities.


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Thursday, April 25
April 25
10:30Expert Group meeting
Restaurant Lyktan
13:00Welcome Words
Margit Mahlapuu, University of Gothenburg
Sverker Holmgren, Chalmers
Anna Sandström, AstraZeneca
13:10Precision Glycomics: How AI and advanced mass spectrometry are changing the game
Daniel Bojar, University of Gothenburg
13:40Towards a universal molecular framework for structure prediction and design
Patrick Bryant, SciLifeLab/Stockholm University (DDLS Fellow)
14:10Integrating single-cell transcriptomics with cellular phenotypes
Joan Camuñas, University of Gothenburg
14:40Thermodynamics-informed modeling of biochemical reaction and regulation networks
Edda Klipp, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
15:20Coffee Break
15:50Tumor biology using multiomics
Anders Ståhlberg, University of Gothenburg
16:10Multiomics – state of art data generation and analysis at NGI
Mattias Ormestad and Franziska Bonath, National Genomics Infrastructure
16:30Data-Driven Microscopy: the automation of end-to-end imaging workflows
Elisabet Carlsohn and Rafael Camacho, SciLifeLab/University of Gothenburg
17:00Tour to SciLifeLab units in Gothenburg
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18:00Dinner for CMB fellows and experts, and speakers

Friday, April 26
April 26
07:30Bus transport to Astra Zeneca Conference Centre in Mölndal
08:00Visitor registration Astra Zeneca Conference Centre in Mölndal
Ola Engkvist, AstraZeneca & Margit Mahlapuu, University of Gothenburg
08:30Empowering data-driven innovations in Life Sciences: A journey with GU Ventures
Klementina Österberg, GU Ventures & Carl-Peter Mattsson, GU Ventures
09:15BioVentureHub – an antidote to the incubent’s curse
Magnus Björsne, AstraZeneca BioVentureHub
10:00Coffee Break
10:30Precision Medicine from the start – using omic data to deliver actionable insight to drug discovery and development
Daniel Muthas, AstraZeneca
11:15Data driven life sciences in a clinical setting
Peder Blomgren, AstraZeneca
12:00Networking lunch
13:00Tour – “The Amazing Journey the story about Astra Zeneca in Mölndal”
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Medicinaregatan 3

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