RaukR, Advanced R for Bioinformatics, Summer course

RaukR, Advanced R for Bioinformatics, Summer course

Virtual Event Virtual Event

June 14 @ 08:00 June 24 @ 17:00 CEST

International course. The course is open for researchers at university or in industry such as PhD students, postdocs, group leaders, core unit staff and analysts.Apply hereCourse website

The course is organised by NBIS

Responsible teachers: Marcin Kierczak, Sebastian DiLorenzo
Contact: RaukR@NBIS.se

Important dates

Application deadline: Friday, 23.04.2021, 24:00 GMT
Notification of acceptance/decline: Friday, 30.04.2021

Course fee

Academic: No fee this year. However, if you register and will be admitted but you will not attend the event without a valid reason, you will be charged a no-show fee (3000 SEK).
Participants from outside of academia should contact us for a fee quote.

Course description

Join us online this June to improve your R skills and have a nice time!
In Life Science and Bioinformatics, R is increasingly being used to transform and analyse data, perform statistical analysis and produce publication-ready visualisations. This Summer course will focus on advanced R functionality, to increase the participants skillset and understanding of what is possible to do today.

Big part of RaukR experience was coding and exchanging knowledge in a unique environment provided by Campus Visby in Gotland. Sadly, due to COVID-19 outbreak, RaukR 2020 did not happen. This year, we still have to obey a number of restrictions and guidelines due to the outbreak. While we still cannot gather in Visby, we decided to go online and we hope this year we will also learn a lot and have fun coding together! We wish you all the best. See you online! Stay safe and healthy!

You are very welcome to apply or see the homepage for more information. Please, help us spread the word to interested participants!

Guest speaker

Max Kuhn (software engineer at RStudio)

Course content

  • reproducible research in R (rmarkdown, knitr),
  • collaborative work using git and GitHub, CD/CI,
  • R code style guidelines,
  • parallelization and vectorization in R,
  • writing own functions – best practices,
  • understanding and using the system of R classes: S3, S4, R6 and RC,
  • anatomy of an R package: writing your own package from scratch,
  • code debugging, profiling and optimization,
  • tidy data flow with tidyverse,
  • efficient use of magrittr pipes,
  • using the language of graphics, ggplot2,
  • developing simple web applications using shiny,
  • efficient modeling
  • the second week will be devoted to collaborative project work
  • the last day, all groups will present their project work

Entry requirements

The course is aimed at both Ph.D. students and researchers within Life Sciences who are already using R for basic bioinformatics analyses and who would like to start using R at a more advanced level. In order for you and other participants to benefit the most, you should consider yourself eligible if you are comfortable with reading and transforming data, installing and using third-party packages and plotting using standard R graphics.

We offer places for participants from all over the world, but there is a number of places reserved for participants from Sweden.

Selection criteria

This year, the school can accommodate ~30 participants. Selection criteria include correct entry requirements, motivation to attend the course as well as gender and geographical balance. 
This year, we will also give priority to students who have already been admitted to RaukR 2020 (which had been cancelled).

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