SciLifeLab Campus Solna Science Talks

September 7, 2022, 09:00 – 17:00


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Tomtebodavägen 6
Solna, Sweden
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SciLifeLab Campus Solna Science Talks

September 7 @ 09:00 17:00 CEST

We would hereby like to warmly welcome you to take part in this year’s, and the first IRL version, of the Campus Solna Science Talks symposium on September 7th – a meeting for everyone in the community to learn more about ongoing research and activities at SciLifeLab’s Campus Solna, which aims to bring the community together, inspire exchange and new collaborations.

Research presentations will be given by group leaders and junior researchers (selected with consideration for balance in topics, presenters’ career stages, and affiliations) as part of a plenary session between 9:00 and 15:45 (including lunch), and the event will conclude with a poster session and mingle in Campus Solna’s meeting place Delta.

We invite all Campus Solna research groups to be represented with at least 1 poster (and maximum 3). Furthermore, we want to encourage all infrastructure units and committees (The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion-committee, the Public Engagement-committee, and the PhD- & Postdoc-council) to partake with posters!


08:30Arrival, registration and coffee
Samuelssonsalen, Karolinska Institutet
09:00Welcome and opening of symposium
Scientific Committee & Per Ljungdahl
09:15Metabolic and spatio-temporal determinants of fungal virulence
Per Ljungdahl
09:30The role of co-translational mRNA decay in mRNA metabolism and gene regulation
Mengjun Wu
09:45Metabolite interactions in the bacterial Calvin cycle and implications for flux regulation
Emil Sporre
10:00In vitro neurovascular models
Anna Herland
10:15Coffee Break
11:00Unexpected CRISPR/Cas9 editing consequences when targeting non-coding genomic regions
Keyi Geng
11:15From in situ to in vivo sequencing
Daniel Fürth
11:30Functional and transcriptomic mapping of serotoninergic projections
Jakub Mlost
11:45Spatial inference through reconstruction of molecular networks
Ian Hoffecker
Light lunch served for all registered participants
13:00High-throughput screening to identify microproteins required for cell survival
Dörte Schlesinger
13:15Targeted peptide delivery using the Adaptable-Drug Affinity Conjugate (ADAC) technology
Sara Mangsbo
13:30Characterizing dynamic cellular processes from static microscopy images
Juliette Griffié
13:45Adaptive three-dimensional super-resolution imaging deep through thick tissues
Ruizhe Lin
14:00Coffee Break
14:45A mass-spectrometry draft of the COVID-19 plasma proteome: in-depth profiling and meta-analysis
Haris Babačić
15:00Structural analysis of proteolysis by MecA/ClpC/CLpP in S. aureus
Karin Walldén
15:15The wonders of small molecule transport
David Drew
15:30Tracking Molecular Modifications of Engaged Pol II Complexes at Nucleotide Resolution Genome-Wide
Anniina Vihervaara
15:45Concluding Remarks
16:00Poster Session
SciLifeLab Delta
18:00Mingle, pub and light food

Poster Session

Each group/unit is welcome to bring up to 3 posters to the grand Poster Session that will follow the talks. Submit the poster titles in the registration form. Please coordinate within your research group/unit beforehand who should bring a poster. Poster session will take place in the Delta building in SciLifeLab Solna.

Poster dimensions: A1, portrait orientation.

Poster List is available here.

Scientific Committee

This event has been made possible through the hard work of the Scientific committee.

Scientific Committee

  • Erdinc Sezgin
  • Marcel Tarbier
  • Ryan Hull
  • Vaishnovi Sekar
  • Vicent Pelechano
  • Yerma Pareja Sanchez
  • Per Ljungdahl

Operations Office representatives

  • Disa Larsson Hammarlöf
  • David Gotthold
  • Erika Erkstam

Tomtebodavägen 6
Solna, Sweden
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