SciLifeLab Innovations – Pharma & Biotech

SciLifeLab Innovations – Pharma & Biotech

A national drug discovery collaboration.

Are you a scientific researcher or investing in translational research for new therapeutic treatments? SciLifeLab and the innovation support systems are collaborating to facilitate the discovery of new pharma and biotech therapeutics based on frontline academic research at Swedish Universities. SciLifeLab harbors advanced research infrastructures in which the Drug Discovery and Development platform (DDD) is the spearhead for knowhow and wet lab support in academic drug discovery.

The most promising projects from swedish academic scientific research are selected for resourcing as drug discovery projects. Innovation support is provided by the university innovation support system and the three parties (the principal investigator at the university, SciLifeLab DDD and the innovation support system) forms a joint project team to identify new protype drugs that can be further developed into treatment for patients. In accordance with the Swedish teachers exemption law, the academic scientist retain all intellectual rights to the prototype drug.

The ultimate goal with this three party collaboration is to provide the swedish life science community with cutting edge technologies for drug discovery research and to generate the highest possible quality and revenue of investments in basic life science research in terms of patient benefits, health care, and life science innovations which is also competitive at an international level.

Working together is the way to success in drug discovery. 

Drug discovery is a major challenge for academic science, however, the output from SciLifeLab DDD shows that we can make it. Working together in a joint project team with the right experts is key. Combining the strength from academic scientists, the academic innovation support system and the SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform (DDD) gives the required scientific edge, business development expertise, networks and know-how to help patients in need.

Together we offer resources and skills to increase the quality of innovations from research – with no strings attached to the academic scientist. Learn more of how we work together!

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Case example.

SciLifeLab DDD has up until 2023 supported numerous of researchers from all over Sweden, evaluating >400 proposals for drug discovery research and supported 13 programs to the development phase.  Four programs have started clinical studies, four programs have been licensed to international pharma, 10 programs have been incorporated into biotech startups out of which three are listed on Nasdaq. 

Hear a first-hand story from Marika Nestor, Uppsala University, and her journey as an academic researcher taking on a drug discovery endeavour to eventually form a company that prepares for clinical trials.


Are you a Swedish academic researcher, investor, business developer or want to learn more about SciLifeLab Innovations – Pharma & Biotech do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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Last updated: 2023-09-11

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