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Biochemical and Cellular Assay

National facility

The Biochemical and Cellular Assay facility provide the drug discovery projects in the DDD platform with enzymatic and cellular assays using microplate based technologies. We support the drug discovery projects with analyze of the activity for newly synthesized molecules and biologicals in order to drive structure-activity explorations and thereby enabling the next round of design of a new molecular entities.


  • High throughput microplate based
    • Biochemical and Cell assays
    • Phenotypical cell assays
    • RNAi knock out using siRNA (Human)
  • Target validation.
  • Cellular profiling of drugs.
  • In vitro drug toxicity expertise.


  • Labcyte ECHO550 non-contact liquid handler.
  • PerkinElmer Janus 3 arm liquid handler.
  • Envision plate reader.
  • BioTek cell washer, Flexdrop and Wellmate dispensers.
  • GE Cytell imager
  • Xcelligence RTCA 96 well
  • Fully equipped cell room for cell cultivation.
  • Chemical and 2 human genomic siRNA libraries.


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