Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS)

National facility


The mission of CBCS is to provide a state-of-the-art platform and expertise for the generation of high-quality bioactive chemical tools (small organic molecules) for applications within life science research in general and with the ultimate goal to explore complex biology.  For more information, visit the CBCS external webpage.


CBCS was established in 2010 as a nation-wide infrastructure for chemical biology research consisting of two facilities, one at Karolinska Intitutet, LCBKI, and the other at Umeå University, LCBU. In 2012 CBCS became an integrated platform at SciLifeLab.

Our facilities comprise compound handling labs (hosting the SciLifeLab Compound Collection of ca 200,000 molecules), screening labs (microtiter format liquid handling robotics and a wide range of plate readers), and chemistry labs (equipment and instrumentation for organic chemistry synthesis and analysis). CBCS coordinates, and makes available, a powerful and integrated platform for the discovery, development and utilization of small-molecules and chemical tools for life-science application. We provides expertise support and experimental resources within assay development, computational chemistry, cheminformatics, chemical library screening and development, medicinal/synthetic chemistry, target identification.


  • Access to small-molecule screening libraries
  • Assay development
  • Biochemical, cell-based and phenotypic high-throughput screening
  • Chemical proteomics & target identification of small molecule ligands
  • Computational chemistry and modelling
  • High-throughput imaging technology
  • Hit optimization
  • Medicinal chemistry expertise
  • Computational chemistry & modeling
  • Expertise in screening for antimicrobial compounds
  • Target Identification


To use our facility and collaborating with us contact: anna-lena.gustavsson@scilifelab.se

Upcoming dates for Project Review Committee (PRC) meeting and the proposal submission deadline are published on our website www.cbcs.se