Henrik Lantz

Head of Unit, Uppsala University

Support, Infrastructure and Training

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Henrik Lantz

I am together with Lucile Soler leading the SciLifeLab Bioinformatics platform (NBIS) Evolution and Biodiversity team. We support Swedish researchers in areas such as genome assembly, genome annotation, population genomics, aDNA, comparative genomics, pipeline development, and more.

We are also involved in national and international projects in genome assembly and annotation, for example the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA).

Group Members

Henrik Lantz (manager)
Lucile Soler (manager, bioinformatician)
Mahesh Binzer-Panchal (bioinformatician)
Allison Churcher (bioinformatician)
Guilherme Dias (bioinformatician)
Jason Hill (bioinformatician)
Verena Kutchera (bioinformatician)
Tomas Larsson (bioinformatician)
Adnan Niazi (bioinformatician)
Johan Nylander (bioinformatician)
Nikolay Oskolkov (bioinformatician)
Martin Pippel (bioinformatician)
Estelle Proux-Wera (bioinformatician)
André Soares (bioinformatician)
Per Unneberg (bioinformatician)

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