10x Genomics acquires Spatial Transcriptomics

Biotech company 10x genomics has announced their acquirement of Spatial Transcriptomics, an enterprise built around the technology with the same name and in large part developed at SciLifeLab.

Spatial Transcriptomics is a method that allows visualization and quantitative analysis of the transcriptome in individual tissue sections, an approach providing data valuable for both research and diagnostics. The technology was developed by founders Joakim Lundeberg (KTH/SciLifeLab) and Jonas Frisén (Karolinska Institutet) to meet the need for genomic analyses that do not require taking the cells out of their biological context.

“The field of genomics has made rapid advances moving from sequencing the human genome to tissue sequencing and then to single cell sequencing in a short period of time,” said Joakim Lundeberg in a press release from 10X Genomics. “Spatial genomic sequencing is the next frontier. With today’s news, 10x has once again proven its commitment to leading our field into the future and we are excited to be partnering to bring this technology to a wider base.”


Last updated: 2018-12-20

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