A new atlas of human metabolism

The new Metabolic Atlas, which is part of the Human Protein Atlas (HPA), was recently described in Science Signaling. The map enables exploration of the human metabolism and is the most extensive metabolism map to date.

Within the hundreds of new interactive 2D and 3D maps, information about thousands of reactions, compounds and human metabolism genes can be found.

The Metabolic Atlas enables the user to visually navigate through entire cellular compartments or individual pathways. Its content derives from a new genome-scale metabolic model, Human1, which was developed in parallel with the web resource.

As part of the Tissue Atlas-part of the Human Protein Atlas, the new Atlas provides a metabolic summary of all related proteins, describing their associated reaction pathways and cellular compartments. This is accompanied by heatmaps, detailing the mRNA levels measured across different human tissue types.

The Human Protein Atlas is a SciLifeLab Research Community Program.

Read more at the Metabolic Atlas Website.


Last updated: 2020-04-01

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