Call for new Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness capabilities (PLP-CM-TDP) 

SciLifeLab has been commissioned by the government to build laboratory capacity to assist in future pandemics (program 2021-2024, in total 130 MSEK). The assignment is to through research (focused on diagnostics, analysis of infection, immunity, and resistance development related to viruses, bacteria and other disease-causing organisms), competence and technology development (focused on sequencing, genetic analysis, immunological methods and management of big data) optimize SciLifeLab operations to support and complement other societal functions such as authorities, municipalities and regions in pandemic laboratory preparedness. 

To meet these aims, SciLifeLab has started the Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness program (PLP) with a national network of laboratory capabilities.

In order to expand this network and to get closer to clinical microbiology labs in Sweden the PLP program invited suggestions of Technology Development Projects (TDPs) that can develop services and capabilities with the potential to generate important capabilities within the PLP network at the major Clinical Microbiology laboratories in Sweden. 

The call was announced via direct e-mail to clinical microbiology laboratories in Sweden, where an introductory interview with each one of them was the basis. The call was not announced in any other way. This call made it possible for heads of departments and individual researchers, university affiliated and working in clinical microbiology laboratories, to apply for funding to maintain and develop the knowledge created during the pandemic. It was also possible to apply for funding in order to develop methods that may be important in the future pandemics and other major threats to infectious organisms.

Eleven proposals from different Clinical Microbiology laboratories in Sweden were received and evaluated. Of these, eight applications were funded (SciLifeLab Board decision)

Application period: 2021-12-15 – 2022-02-07


Last updated: 2022-06-03

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