Call for proposals of new drug discovery programs to SciLifeLab DDD

The SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform (DDD), together with the Swedish academic innovation systems, supports academic drug discovery by generating prototype drugs for your therapeutic idea. This is done by providing expert advice, wet lab work in industry-standard research infrastructures, and project management support.

They have, for example, assisted with developing small molecule drugs, therapeutic antibodies, oligonucleotide therapeutics, and proximity-inducing agents (e.g., bispecific antibodies or protein-degrading drugs). The DDD offer includes full infrastructure support, a competitive and generous cost model, and full retention of ownership for the project proposer.

In 2024, DDD needs to replenish its portfolio, of about 20 support programs, with 3-5 new programs. They are looking for:

  • Programs with defined targets for diseases with medical needs
  • Therapeutic ideas based on technologies that can be extended to other targets and/or other indications are of special interest, i.e., therapeutic platform technologies
  • Projects to develop therapeutic molecules with innovative mode-of-actions, e.g., targeted delivery or new modes-of-action for antisense oligonucleotides, small molecules, antibodies, and/or proximity-inducers

The platform can also consider small projects for selections in phage display libraries for antibodies, selections in DNA-encoded chemical libraries for small molecules, or limited screening for antisense or siRNA oligonucleotides.

Submit your project proposal in a new DDD call

In May, the national DDD steering group approved three new projects for support by the SciLifeLab DDD infrastructure. The new projects selected for support are led by:

  • Jakob Stenman, Karolinska Institutet
  • Mattias Belting, Lunds University
  • Fredrik Bäckhed, Gothenburg University


Last updated: 2024-05-14

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