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DNA-sequencing with cell phone provides fast diagnosis

Published: 2017-01-18

Mats Nilsson. Foto: Malte Kuhnemund.

Mats Nilsson.
Foto: Malte Kuhnemund.

An international research team led by Mats Nilsson at Uppsala University and Stockholm University/SciLifeLab has developed a small, 3D-printed microscope that is connected to an ordinary cell phone. Using the device, physicians can diagnose diseases like cancer and tuberculosis. It is also possible to send pictures and sequencing information to physicians in other parts of the world.

In a study published in Nature Communications Mats Nilsson and his colleagues have used the technology to diagnose colon tumors. By looking at certain mutations in the tumor it is possible to rule out certain treatments that are not going to be efficient. The researchers also hope that the technology could be used to faster diagnose virus infections like ebola and zika.

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