Help us shape the future range of SciLifeLab services

SciLifeLab always seeks to provide you, the research community, with access to the latest and greatest of advanced instrumentation and related expertise. We would therefore like to tap into your ideas on which services are most urgently needed to take your own research to the next level and keep Sweden at the cutting edge in life science.

If you have such ideas, we would love to hear about them – whether you are a PhD student or a professor. You’re welcome to suggest emerging technological needs, as well as existing units that are not yet associated with SciLifeLab. We’ll then assess all proposals and incorporate the most highly rated ones as part of the next SciLifeLab evaluation of national infrastructure services.

“Please make use of this opportunity to influence our planning for the next-generation SciLifeLab national infrastructure from 2021 onwards”, says Olli Kallioniemi, Director of SciLifeLab. “It is critical that we make optimal use of the governmental funding by supporting strong existing national platforms, but also adding novel capabilities so that high-quality life science in Sweden will prosper in the future and that health care and industry will benefit. SciLifeLab will carry out an international evaluation of all its infrastructure platforms every four years, and  hence your input right now is very timely and highly appreciated, as we prepare for the upcoming platform evaluation in the spring of 2020.”

The last day for submitting your suggestion is June 20, 2019:

Technology Needs Inventory
Suggestions on new SciLifeLab Units


Last updated: 2019-05-21

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