Industry case: The Swedish NMR-Centre, part of SciLifeLab – a Crucial Asset for SARomics Biostructures’ Drug Discovery Services

SARomics Biostructures, a Swedish company providing structural biology and drug discovery services worldwide, relies on the access to state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers and related services at the Swedish NMR Centre, part of SciLifeLab. The infrastructure unit enables SARomics to conduct first class research and remain competitive in their field, offering a service-oriented approach and a clear process for booking. The Swedish NMR Centre plays a crucial role in SARomics’ work within NMR projects, allowing the company to make significant contributions to the development of new drugs and therapies.

SARomics Biostructures is a Swedish company in Lund that offers services in structural biology and drug discovery to clients around the world. The primary business area is protein structure determination using X-ray crystallography, but SARomics Biostructures also specializes in analysis services of peptide, protein and DNA/RNA using NMR spectroscopy (BioNMR). The main business areas within NMR are assignment and structure determination of peptides, proteins and DNA/RNA, fragment screening of proteins and quality control of biological drugs such as antibodies.  

The Swedish NMR Centre, with SciLifeLab units in Gothenburg and Umeå, plays a crucial role in the work of SARomics Biostructures by providing access to a range of cutting edge NMR spectrometers where different capacities are required for the varying customer NMR projects conducted at SARomics Biostructures. This access through SciLifeLab enables SARomics Biostructures to conduct first class research and development. This access allows SARomics Biostructures to remain competitive in their field and make significant contributions to the development of new drugs and therapies.

”That’s why we use SciLifeLab, it has worked very well over the years, in several ways. Firstly, the equipment and expertise is excellent, and secondly it makes it more cost-effective for us. Even if we were to invest in a spectrometer, we would never have the same range with the set of different spectrometers, probes and automatization as the ones available through SciLifeLab”, says Carl Diehl, manager of NMR Services at SARomics Biostructures.

The Swedish NMR Centre within SciLifeLab is an infrastructure unit that provides access to state-of-the-art nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers and related services for research and development purposes.

“It is a spur to have this system set up for both academic and industrial users. For us, it is important that the offer also addresses industry, with full cost coverage. Collaborations with both academia and industry give rise to interesting and useful technology development, and it is also a way to benchmark that we offer measurements of very high quality”, says Cecilia Persson at the Swedish NMR Centre, SciLifeLab.

SARomics Biostructures offers structural experimental expertise, primarily using X-ray crystallography, for drug development of different types of molecules and targets. During the last years quality testing of biological drugs, primarily biosimilars, using NMR have become an increasingly popular technique which can also be used for formulation development.

“That’s why the Swedish NMR Centre works so well. There’s a clear process from getting in touch with them to seeing what available timeslots can be booked. We don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for the right person. The Swedish NMR Centre has been very service-oriented when it comes to interacting with a company.”, says Carl at SARomics Biostructures.

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Manager of NMR Services
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Principal research engineer, University of Gothenburg
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