Infrastructure update: New leadership for the Genomics platform

This summer, Ulf Gyllensten, professor at Uppsala University, stepped down as Genomics Platform Director after many years of service at SciLifeLab, also including positions as Scientific Director at Uppsala University and Director of Uppsala Genome Center.

“It has been a privilege to head this operation. The last year has been tough in a number of ways, but Genomics, the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) and SciLifeLab as a whole have been doing well, and I feel very confident that the new leadership will continue to develop the “jewel in the crown”, as NGI was described in a recent VR evaluation” says Ulf Gyllensten.

Tuuli Lappalainen, new Genomics Platform Director, was recently recruited as a professor at KTH. She has extensive experience of human genetics research as leader of a lab at the New York Genome Center and as associate professor at Columbia University, USA. Her research is focused on understanding how genetic variants affect disease and traits.

“I’ve admired the work of SciLifeLab for quite some time, and I’m excited to now have the opportunity to steer NGI and the Genomics platform. It’s great to be back in Scandinavia, and I look forward to doing great research here, building new collaborations, and working with all the people at the Genomics platform”, says Tuuli Lappalainen.”

Magnus Lundgren has taken the position as Platform Coordination Officer for Genomics, in addition to his role as Head of Unit for Ancient DNA. Lars Feuk, the new Co-Director of Genomics Platform, is a professor at Uppsala University investigating how genetic variation and gene expression affects human neurodevelopmental disorders.

“I’m very excited to take on this role. It will be both fun and challenging to help ensure that the Genomics Platform continues to offer Swedish researchers state-of-the-art genomic technologies and unique applications. As a Facility Director at NGI for the past few years I know how well the units in Genomics Platform operate, but I believe there is potential to grow even stronger together as a SciLifeLab platform in the future”, Lars Feuk concludes.


Last updated: 2021-11-11

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