Kancera donates chemical library to SciLifeLab and initiates collaboration enabling new pharmaceutical projects

Kancera is donating a chemical library to the national research infrastructure, Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS), at SciLifeLab, in order to support national drug development and the study of disease biology. A collaboration between Kancera and CBCS is also being initiated, which gives Kancera the opportunity to identify new drug candidates for future drug development.

Kancera’s Chemical Library has previously laid the foundation for a number of drug candidates and has, among other things, contributed to the development of the drug Enasidenib for Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML).

“It is gratifying that the strengths of Kancera’s and CBCS’ chemical libraries can now be combined and made available nationally to research groups through SciLifeLab,” says Thomas Olin, CEO of Kancera. “The fact that we are also starting a collaboration with CBCS for starting new projects further strengthens Kancera”, Olin continues.

“The donation complements and strengthens the collection of chemical libraries we already have today. We store these in robotic refrigerators and distribute very small amounts (nano-liter scale) with the help of acoustic dispensing to research groups around Sweden. The donation will significantly increase the total number of substances in our chemical library and increases our chances to find small bioactive molecules in various collaborative projects”, says Anna-Lena Gustavsson, director of CBCS.

Photo: Fredrik Persson


Last updated: 2020-10-28

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