Lennart Philipson award to Mikael Sellin

Published: 2018-05-15

Mikael Sellin

Mikael Sellin has been granted the Lennart Philipson award 2018 for his innovative work on bacterial gastrointestinal infections. He has developed a unique organ model for studying how bacteria, like Salmonella, penetrate cells in the intestine and how they interact with cellular components. The grant sum is SEK 1 million per year for two years, including a personal prize during the first year of SEK 50,000. Apart from the researcher’s scientific merits, the award also recognises the ability as a leader to establish a strong research group.

The award is funded by Malin och Lennart Philipsons Stiftelse and grants goes to young scientists in biomedicine who want to start their own group after having finished postdoctoral studies. The Prize alternates biannually between Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and Uppsala University.