New InParanoiDB 9 tool launched

InParanoiDB 9 is a new research tool developed by SciLifeLab researchers Erik Sonnhammer and Emma Persson. It aims to increase understanding of protein orthology relationships between different organisms. With over one billion predicted ortholog groups between 640 species, it offers orthology predictions for both protein domains and full-length proteins.

Proteins are essential to life as they carry out many vital bodily functions. Researchers have long been interested in understanding how proteins work and evolve. To help with this, it’s common to use orthologs, genes with shared ancestry separated by a speciation event, with similar biological functions in different species.

InParanoiDB 9 has been developed to help better understand the complex relationships between proteins in different organisms. This advanced database covers 640 species and offers predictions for protein domains and full-length proteins. With over one billion predicted ortholog groups from various organisms, including eukaryotes, bacteria, and archaea, this database was created using cutting-edge algorithms (such as InParanoid-DIAMOND, Domainoid, and Pfam) to ensure accuracy.

Full-length protein sequences have traditionally been used to predict orthologs. However, many proteins consist of different parts or domains, which can be orthologous to domains in other proteins in a way that differs from the full-length protein case.

The new website developed for InParanoiDB 9 offers different search options and visualizations to help users explore the orthologous groups and domains in the database.

InParanoiDB 9 is available at



Last updated: 2023-03-23

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