New organizational structure and management group

Starting in 2017, SciLifeLab launches a new simplified organizational structure. The management group (MG) now consists of the Director, Co-Director, Infrastructure Director and four Scientific Directors, involving representation of the four primary host universities. The previous Site Director positions in Uppsala and Stockholm have been replaced by four Scientific Directors (SD:s) representing the four host universities.

“This is an important change that was formed after many discussions with the vice chancellors of our host universities and the national board, and we are very pleased with the support from all stakeholders.” Said Director Olli Kallioniemi. “The new organization and management group are now representing SciLifeLab as a whole, including integration of the Uppsala and Stockholm nodes. The MG therefore includes representatives with insights to each university’s intentions with strategic research funding. We are convinced that this will improve the coordination of infrastructure and research efforts at SciLifeLab as well as collaboration between the universities and the academic community and the wider Swedish society”

The agreement with the host universities is to set up the new management structure for the first six months of 2017. During this period all legal documents will be finalized for a permanent solution to be formed.

The new management group consists of the following names and positions:

  • Olli Kallioniemi, (KI) Director
  • Lena Claesson-Welsh (UU), Co-Director
  • Annika Jenmalm Jensen (KI), Interim Director of Infrastructure
  • Mats Nilsson (SU), Scientific Director
  • Peter Nilsson (KTH), Scientific Director
  • Lars Engstrand (KI), Scientific Director
  • Ulf Gyllensten (UU), Scientific Director


Interaction and coordination with the host universities

Besides the new management group, each University has their own SciLifeLab Committee that deals with university-specific issues and contributions to SciLifeLab. This includes a position of an Integration Director, who is responsible for the integration and communication of each university’s strategic decisions with the SciLifeLab management group.

The Integration Directors are:

  • Mathias Uhlén (KTH)
  • Stefan Eriksson (KI)
  • Ylva Engström (SU)
  • Mats Larhed (UU)


An integrated administration

The administration of SciLifeLab has also changed to reflect the new united structure. The Site manager positions at Uppsala and Stockholm have been replaced by the positions of a Head of Operations (Fredrik Sterky) and vice Head of Operations (Eva Molin).


More information about the SciLifeLab management and organisation




Last updated: 2017-01-19

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