New version of FunCoup released (v2.0)

FunCoup is a database that maintains and visualises global gene/protein networks of functional coupling that have been constructed by Bayesian integration of diverse high-throughput data. FunCoup achieves high coverage by orthology-based integration of data sources from different model organisms and from different platforms.

Release 2.0 is based on 9 different data types, and contains networks for 11 species: human, mouse, rat, dog, chicken, zebra fish, ciona, fly, worm, yeast, and Arabidopsis. As FunCoup extensively transfers functional coupling information between species, the new input datasets have considerably improved both coverage and quality of the networks. The number of high-confidence network links has increased dramatically. For instance, the human network has more than eight times as many links above confidence 0.5 as the previous release. FunCoup provides interactive units for “comparative interactomics” to analyse subnetwork conservation in multiple species on the website.

See what’s new in v2.0.


Last updated: 2011-10-03

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