Nominate your favorite speaker!

Who is the speaker of your dreams? The two SciLifeLab Seminar Series (SciLifeLab The Svedberg Seminar Series in Uppsala and SciLifeLab Seminar Series-Campus Solna in Stockholm) are now open for new nominations.

If you could invite any researcher you wanted, from any part of the world, and have someone else pay for all associated costs, who would that be? With the SciLifeLab seminar series you can now nominate a great speaker, a potential collaborator or superstar in your field – SciLifeLab will support travel and accommodation up to two nights for leading international scientists.

You can nominate speakers for one of the seminar series or both of them. The nominations will be evaluated by a committee that will invite leading scientists from Sweden and worldwide to hold research seminars within the field of bioscience. Since the committee strives to obtain gender balance across the invited speakers, we would like each nomination to include two speakers; one woman and one man.

We warmly welcome your nominations before October 3!

Nominate your favorite speaker here


Last updated: 2019-09-12

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