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PhD Council brings researchers of different disciplines together

Published: 2019-05-23

At May 23, the SciLifeLab PhD Council held a symposium at Karolinska Institutet titled Building up upon blocks of knowledge.

The building blocks consisted of six scientific fields the PhD Council have identified SciLifeLab being engaged in: Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Bioinformatics, Bioimaging & Molecular Structure, Drug Discovery and Proteomics.

“We hope to build a bridge between the blocks”, said Marianna Tampere in her introductory speech.

The PhD students at SciLifeLab Solna invited speakers such as Mathias Uhlén (SciLifeLab/KTH), Marc Friedländer (SciLifeLab/SU) and Claudia Kutter (KI/SciLifeLab). A poster competition and scientific speed dating were also in the program.

“We have fantastic tools for quantitative profiling at SciLifeLab, but we have not given enough attention to quantitative biology”, said Prof. Mathias Uhlén (SciLifeLab/KTH).

Prof. Mathias Uhlén (SciLifeLab/KTH)

Alba Corman, PhD Council


More info on the symposium webpage