Precision medicine in focus as EU conference attendees visit SciLifeLab

During the two-day EU conference Life Sciences – The Era of Personalised Medicine in Stockholm on June 26-27th, attendants will receive a guided tour of the world-leading innovation district Hagastaden. SciLifeLab is the first stop of this tour, and the attendants will learn more about how SciLifeLab plays a vital role in progressing precision medicine from research to implementation. The focus will be on clinical genomics and data as the core of precision medicine.

The conference spotlights life sciences, with the aim of taking the next step in the development and organisation of personalised medicine – a key issue for Europe. It will provide an opportunity for international dialogue and collaboration between the key stakeholders. The conference will highlight the importance of research and innovation, point out opportunities and challenges, and set out the future course for Europe.

The two-day lunch-to-lunch programme will consist of opening and closing remarks by keynote speakers, panel discussions, breakout sessions and site visits.

SciLifeLab site Stockholm

During the conference, there will be guided tours to the different world-renowned universities and institutions in the city district of Hagastaden. SciLifeLab site Stockholm is the first stop of this tour, in which they will learn more about SciLifeLab’s vital role in progressing precision medicine from the perspective of data and clinical genomics.

There will be multiple presentations from key figures within SciLifeLab:

  • Jenny Alfredsson, Head of Operations at SciLifeLab. Dr. Alfredsson focuses on strategic and operational planning, financial management and decision-making to provide efficient and quality-driven support to the SciLifeLab management and research community.
  • Johan Rung, Head of Data Centre at SciLifeLab. Dr. Rung started the Data Centre in 2016 and provides cutting-edge research data services for both infrastructure units and the life science research community, with a strong international collaboration network.
  • Heidi Törmänen Persson, Collaboration Manager at SciLifeLab, and Coordinator of the SciLifeLab and Wallenberg National Program for Data-driven Life Science (DDLS). Dr. Törmänen Persson works on strategic and organisational development, operational planning, reporting, calls and evaluations.
  • Valtteri Wirta, Platform Scientific Director at the Clinical Genomics Stockholm Unit at SciLifeLab, Head of the Genomic Medicine Center Karolinska at Karolinska University Hospital. Dr. Wirta’s team facilitates the transition of genomics technologies, especially massively parallel DNA sequencing, into diagnostic use in several disease areas.
  • Anna Lyander, Head of Unit at the Clinical Genomics Stockholm Unit at SciLifeLab. Dr. Lyander’swork focuses on bringing precision diagnostics to patients by transferring genomics technologies from academia to Swedish health care.


Last updated: 2023-06-14

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