Release 3.0 of the FunCoup database of functional coupling networks

A new version of the FunCoup database has been released. FunCoup is a database of functional couplings, or functional associations, between genes and gene products. Identifying these functional couplings is an important step in the understanding of higher level mechanisms performed by complex cellular processes. FunCoup 3.0 contains networks for human and 10 model organisms. The human network consists of over 18,000 genes and proteins connected to each other with over 4 million links.


The new release has increased quality due to several algorithm improvements. Many data sets have been updated and new data have been added. Furthermore a completely new and more intuitive website is presented, which provides powerful tools to explore the predicted networks and to retrieve detailed information about the data underlying each prediction.

FunCoup database


FunCoup 3.0: database of genome-wide functional coupling networks

T. Schmitt, C. Ogris and E. L. L. Sonnhammer

Nucleic Acids Research, online 31 October 2013, doi: 10.1093/nar/gkt984

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Last updated: 2013-11-08

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