Sara Mangsbo Awarded Hjärnäpplet

SciLifeLab researcher Sara Mangsbo (Uppsala University) is awarded the Uppsala University prize Hjärnäpplet for “successful transfer of knowledge”. 

“The Hjärnäpplet awards particularly successful contributions regarding transfer of knowledge, innovation and utilization of science. It’s an important award for Uppsala University and Sara Mangsbo is a worthy recipient”, says Anders Malmber, chairperson in the prize panel.

The motivation behind the decision to award Sara Mangsbo highlights her ability to systematically convert her research into new innovations. 

In parallel with her research on model systems for immunological treatment of cancers, she’s one of the founders of the company Immuneed AB, as well as Director of Development at Ultimovacs AS. She also participates in additional ventures in fields related to the development of new drugs, such as ViviLogica.

Immuneed AB has developed methods to show the immunological effects a drug gives when it comes into contact with blood. These methods give quicker preliminary effect data and enable earlier identification of whether safe administration to humans is possible in the developmental phase. Ultimovacs AS, which has taken over parts of the research results, and where she is the development manager, is currently developing immunotherapy-based treatments. The strategy is to use the body’s own immune system to fight diseases such as malign melanoma, prostate cancer and lung cancer instead of cytotoxins. 

Sara Mangsbo has the capacity to combine different roles and have as an entrepreneur displayed the skill to utilize her scientific results through developing business, engage with and lead other people. Sara is active in contacts with the innovation support system found in Uppsala and shares her lessons and knowledge.”

Read the press release (in Swedish) here.


Last updated: 2020-06-25

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