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SciLifeLab and KAW collaboration to support innovation initiatives

Wallenberg Launch Pad (WALP), the innovation program of Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, KAW, supports research with potential for commercial implementation. The program is now open for applications for researchers in the data-driven life science field.

The power in combining scientific excellence with implementation of innovation is fundamental to maintain a top position as a life science nation. The WALP program of Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation aims to facilitate that path. Through the program, researchers are given the opportunity to pitch ideas for implementation and utilization of their research. Projects can be granted funding for two years and the support can be used for research activities needed to prepare for commercialization, for instance purchase of equipment, unit rent and building a team.

AI Gene is the first project to receive funding through WALP. The goal is to use artificial intelligence for next generation protein production and to develop a machine learning-driven platform for synthetic biology and biopharma. The initiative is managed by SciLifeLab fellow Aleksej Zelezniak and Jan Zrimec, both from Chalmers University of Technology.

“This type of funding is essential to bridge the gap between basic and applied research. We will use the funding to build and test a software to predict protein expression”, says Aleksej Zelezniak (Chalmers University of Technology).

The WALP program is open for applications from researchers with grants from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation who are active in four fields, one of which is data driven life science.

“Through the Wallenberg Launch Pad (WALP) researchers are offered support in exploring and validating what impact their idea could make in industry or society”, says Sandor Albrecht, driver of the Wallenberg Launch Pad at the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

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Last updated: 2021-06-16

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