SciLifeLab at SciFest

SciLifeLab will participate at SciFest 2015 with four activities to encourage children’s interest in science. The topics include finding cancer cells, hand hygiene, zebrafish embryos and DNA code.

SciFest is a science festival organized by Uppsala University (TekNat-samverkan), Destination Uppsala, Teknik College, Uppsala Kommun, Länsstyrelsen and Regionförbundet during March 19-21. The first two days are dedicated for school classes, ages 7-18. Day three is open for the public and all activities are non-stop. There are both workshops and non-stop activities. Read about the SciLifeLab workshops below or visit to learn more.

Find the needle in the haystack

The workshop will show the participants, in a very playful way, how you can find a cancer cell among millions of other cells.
Target group: elementary school, intermediate level

Clean hands save lives

This non-stop activity will show the visitor if she or he has as clean hands as she or he thinks, using a fluorescent hand sanitizer and UV-light.
Target group: elementary school/high school

The Zebrafish – man’s best friend?

Visiting this non-stop activity, the visitors will take part of the fascinating development of zebrafish embryos. Can parallels be drawn with the development of human embryos?
Target group: elementary school/high school

Find the DNA-code for your name

Visiting this non-stop activity, you can build a bracelet by decoding your name into DNA codons.
Target group: elementary school


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