SciLifeLab Data Centre launches AI Seminar Series

SciLifeLab Data Centre is launching a new seminar series on the topic of applied AI in life science research. The series combines scientific highlights from SciLifeLab-affiliated researchers and invited experts on the general topic of AI applications in Life Science.

“AI is playing an increasingly important role in life science research, and this seminar series will contain both national and international experts presenting highlights from applications of AI in life science research”, says Ola Spjuth (Uppsala University), AI coordinator at SciLifeLab Data Centre and responsible for the seminar series.

First out is Martin Eklund (Karolinska Institutet) who will present his work on AI for diagnosis and grading of prostate cancer in biopsies, recently published in Lancet Oncology. Eklund and his colleagues show that their AI system is capable of detecting and grading cancer in prostate needle biopsy samples at a ranking comparable to that of international experts in prostate pathology.

“This is a great example of the power of AI combined with the unique data that is available in Sweden.” says Ola Spjuth.

As AI coordinator at SciLifeLab Data Centre, Ola is involved in efforts for building up infrastructure and competence to support Swedish scientists that use AI in their research. The initiative is strongly connected to the new SciLifeLab roadmap on Data-Driven Life Science.

“There is currently a large focus on how to manage and share scientific data, and the next step is to take advantage of this data using e.g. AI to enable reasoning and for making predictions” says Spjuth, and continues: “A lot of AI models developed today are not easily accessible for the community, and in many cases difficult to reproduce. We will support Swedish scientists in technical matters relating to the entire AI modeling life cycle, including computational infrastructure and software frameworks for data preprocessing, training, deploying, and sharing AI models according to FAIR principles.”

The seminars will be open to everyone but the participants will be required to register at the SciLifeLab webpage before each seminar. The seminars will until further notice be held virtually on Zoom and videos will be published openly afterwards.

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Last updated: 2020-09-15

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