SciLifeLab Fellows appointed Future Research Leaders by the SSF

The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) has appointed the seventh generation of Future Research Leaders (FFL). From the 227 applications, 10 men and 10 women were selected, among them SciLifeLab Fellows Simon Elsässer (Karolinska Institutet) and Mikael Sellin (Uppsala University).

The goal is to support and promote young scientists into becoming the future leaders of academic or industrial research in Sweden. Every participant receives 12 million SEK, during a five-year time period, and gets to participate in the leadership program.

The different projects span across a wide variety of research fields, including the development of an “earth chip”, capable of gathering information on how carbon dioxide is stored in the ground, using ultrasound to speed up blood sample analysis or cybersecurity improvement. 

SciLifeLab Fellow Simon Elsässer’s project will focus on the “Function of short peptides encoded by sORFs” and Mikael Sellin’s project will investigate the “Analysis of the intestinal flora’s anti-infective potential in organoids”.

“It is an honor to join this long-running program that has brought up some of the leading scientist in Sweden. I share this achievement with my hard-working group” says Simon Elsässer.

”Support by this program allows us to tackle difficult research questions with an unusually long-term perspective. Personally, I also anticipate the leadership program to help me mature as a principal investigator, now that we gradually move out of the start-up phase of our laboratory“ says Mikael Sellin.

“The scientific quality of the applications has been reviewed by external experts and a number of selected applicants have been interviewed for their leadership qualities. Through the extensive leadership training offered by the foundation, the Future Research Leader at SSF remains the premium program for career development among young researchers” says Chief Executive Officer Lars Hultman, in a press release from SSF.


Last updated: 2020-02-18

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