SciLifeLab inspires new generation of scientists

As part of the annual event Researchers’ Night (ForskarFredag), SciLifeLab in Stockholm welcomed high school students from two high schools on September 29.

ForskarFredag is part of European Researchers’ Nights, an initiative that aims to bring researchers closer to the public. Another goal is to motivate young people to embark on research careers.

Scientists from the SciLifeLab research community gave presentations on their fields of work, with talks such as Revealing Diseases with a Drop of Blood: The Power of Plasma Proteomics and Are Sex Hormones the Key to curing Liver Diseases?

Each visit ended with a fika where the students could mingle with the scientists and ask any question related to research and a scientific career.  

Discussions were vivid both during the presentations and the following fika mingle

Thank you to all speakers Selim Tanriverdi, María Bueno Álves, David Fernández Bonet, Christian Sommerauer, Marcel Tarbier, Cynthia Perez-Estrada and our SciLifeLab hostess Ellen Sjule for realising this special day for the visiting high school students.


Last updated: 2023-10-02

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