SciLifeLab receives funds for a new Illumina HiSeqXTen sequencing system

One of SciLifeLabs largest platforms is the National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI). In 2013 NGI performed more than 500 projects focusing on a wide variety of topics including human diseases and biodiversity. The projects were led by a large number of scientists from 11 Swedish universities and government agencies and have led to many high-impact publications.

Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab, is very excited to announce the receipt of a 200 million SEK gift from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation dedicated to expanding the genomics capacity in Sweden. Funds will be distributed through KTH Royal Institute of Technology to the genomics units in Stockholm and Uppsala. Funds will be used for 10 Illumina HiSeq XTen sequencers, associated running costs and computer resources, as well as for co-funding of additional national projects in genomics.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer human whole genome sequencing of up to 15,000 individual genomes per year, enabling scientists to perform internationally competitive studies of human diseases and evolution” says Ann-Christine Syvänen at NGI in Uppsala.

“This allows our current Illumina sequencing capacity to be spent on other types of sequencing, including RNA-Seq and non-human organisms going forward” says Joakim Lundeberg at NGI in Stockholm.

“In addition, we are proud to offer complementary technologies such as PacBio and Ion Torrent for diverse applications.” adds Ulf Gyllensten at NGI in Uppsala.

The acquisition of the HiSeqXTen system renders the SciLifeLab Genomics Platform, the third largest Genomics platform in Europe.

For more information please contact:

Ann-Christine Syvänen,
Phone: +46 70 167 9445

Joakim Lundeberg,
Phone: +46-8-524 814 69
E-mail: joakim.lundeberg@localhost

Read press release from KTH Royal Institute of Technology (in Swedish) 

Read press release from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation


Last updated: 2014-10-02

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