SciLifeLab researcher Petter Brodin awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize

SciLifeLab researcher Petter Brodin (Karolinska Institutet), is awarded the prestigious Göran Gustafsson Prize in medicine for his “pioneering analysis of the early development of the human immune system”.

“Our goal is to optimize the development of all children and find out what is a healthy start for them. There are many epidemiological studies showing that something is not entirely optimal in today’s care of newborns, that adversely affects the development of their immune system”, says Petter brodin, in a press release (Swedish) from The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

So far, studies have been conducted on around a hundred children but with the help of the award money the study can be expanded.

“This grant will help us move forward with our research”, says Petter Brodin.

The Prize is awarded annually, by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular biology and Medicine. This year, five winners will share 27 million SEK distributed over three years, and receive personal prizes of 250 000 SEK each.


Last updated: 2020-03-03

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