collage of laboratory demonstrations for high school students


30 SciLifeLab researchers engage in hands-on event for high school students

The Public Engagement Committee at SciLifeLab invited high school students to short science talks and 16 different lab demonstrations.

The Public Engagement Committee at SciLifeLab believes it is scientists’ responsibility to engage with the public, talk about the importance of scientific discoveries and inspire young people to get involved in science. On this basis, they organized an event for last-year students at the high school Kungsholmens Västra Gymnasium.

“It was such a pleasant experience talking to these next generation scientists, hearing their ideas, dreams and plans and answering their questions about the very fundamentals of science. Just loved it!” says Erdinc Sezgin, SciLifeLab Fellow and coordinator of the Public Engagement Committee at SciLifeLab.

“It was amazing, I loved it so much. It was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to visit again and listen to more seminars frankly! Everything looked very organized and well prepared including the ones that spoke about their field and what they do. Thank you so much for this experience!” said one student after the event.

Overall, more than 30 SciLifeLab researchers took part in the event, organizing, demonstrating laboratories and holding short talks on a scientific career and science – with subjects from autoimmune disorders to plastic pollution and environmentally friendly gasoline.

Postdoc Jan Schlegel (SciLifeLab/Karolinska Institutet), demonstrated how to image live cells using lattice light sheet microscopy. “Showing my research to the students and seeing it through their eyes, was a very illuminating, exciting and fun experience for all of us” says Schlegel.

Another tutor, postdoc Luca Andronico (SciLifeLab/Karolinska Institutet), showed the students how to do fluorescence-activated cell sorting. “I was impressed by how fast the students were able to grasp difficult concepts and, with just one hour of experience, already elaborating their own scientific hypothesis” he says.

Sixteen different demonstrations were organized, demonstrating super-resolution imaging, cryo-electron microscopy, scientific programming, molecular dynamic simulations and a lot more.

“We really appreciated all the volunteers at SciLifeLab. We will organize such events more often and we hope to have similar support from the SciLifeLab community in the future, as well” says Erdinc Sezgin.


Last updated: 2022-03-18

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