SciLifeLab software tools are now open source

SciLifeLab recently launched an open source portal showcasing some of the research being done at the center. Open source code is released under a licence that allows others to use that code for their own purposes.

Releasing code in an open source manner helps to foster transparency and co-operation within the academic society. At SciLifeLab useful and actively maintained projects are released into our open source portal.

“Since we ourselves benefit in many ways from open source software, we should contribute what we can back to the community. We who work here at SciLifeLab are proud of our work, and want it to be useful to others.” said Per Kraulis, one of the initiators of the SciLifeLab open source web site.

The Policy for the SciLifeLab open source web portal allows its’ Editorial Board to develop and maintain the web site in a proactive manner.


Last updated: 2014-12-03

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