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SciLifeLab visits ESS and MAX IV

Lund, a hub of scientific progress, is home to the world-class research facilities MAX IV Laboratory and ESS (European Spallation Source). Recently, representatives from SciLifeLab had the privilege of touring both facilities, thanks to InfraLife, a national initiative funded by the Swedish Research Council.

The synchrotron radiation facility MAX IV delivers high-quality X-ray light for research in materials and life sciences, and ESS is a multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world’s most powerful neutron source. During a visit, representatives from SciLifeLab management and infrastructure got a chance to visit both facilities and tour the grounds. The visit was hosted by InfraLife, a national initiative to maximize the benefits of three of Sweden’s largest research infrastructures, MAX IV, ESS, and SciLifeLab, which is funded by the Swedish Research Council.

MAX IV consists of a circular accelerator ring where electrons are propelled to nearly the speed of light, generating synchrotron radiation, including powerful X-rays. Researchers at MAX IV harness this radiation to scrutinize a myriad of materials and phenomena. From unraveling the intricate structures of biological molecules to advancing nanomaterials and aiding in drug development, MAX IV plays a pivotal role in materials science, chemistry, biology, and beyond.

In contrast, ESS operates on the principles of neutron spallation. Utilizing a linear accelerator and a spallation target station, ESS propels protons into a target material to produce neutrons. These neutrons, distinct from X-rays, offer unique insights into the atomic and molecular architecture of matter. With applications spanning physics, chemistry, and structural biology, ESS provides invaluable tools for scientists to delve further into the fundamental processes and properties of the universe at the atomic level.

The Swedish scientific community benefits immensely from the complementary capabilities of MAX IV and ESS, offering a broad spectrum of research possibilities and propelling Lund to the forefront of global scientific innovation.

The collaboration between MAX IV and ESS enriches Lund’s scientific community, offering diverse research opportunities. Annika Jenmalm Jensen, board member of MAX IV, member of the InfraLife steering group, and Infrastructure Director at SciLifeLab, highlighted the collaboration’s importance: “InfraLife has opened up the collaboration between SciLifeLab, ESS and MAX IV, and there are many synergies between these infrastructures and the people that are coordinating this are doing a great job. We have started planning for the future, when the InfraLife funding period ends we don’t know exactly funding-wise how we will continue, but I’m certain that this collaboration will remain.”


Last updated: 2023-10-04

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