Sixteen new Technology Development Projects (TDPs) announced

To contribute in keeping SciLifeLab infrastructure at cutting-edge, a call for Technology Development Projects (TDPs)was opened during spring 2018. Now the sixteen projects, which will receive a total of 40 MSEK over a two-year period, are revealed.

The purpose of the TDP initiative is to enable the development, exploration and optimization of new technologies in life science. In the ideal case, these new technologies will later be incorporated as new services into existing units. The call for applications was open to researchers both within existing infrastructure units and at all universities or institutes in Sweden.

51 applications were submitted and reviewed and ranked by SciLifeLab, based on technological and strategic importance. The evaluation criteria for TDPs were:

  • cutting-edge and internationally competitive
  • not currently available as nation-wide service in Sweden
  • broad scope and major potential for life science and for a future research service

The projects in the list below have been approved by the SciLifeLab board to receive TDP funding during 2019-2020. Part of the 40 MSEK funding came from the national SciLifeLab infrastructure funding, while most of it was contributed by the Strategic SciLifeLab funding (SFO) received by the four host universities KTH, KI, SU and UU.

Olli Kallioniemi, Director of SciLifeLab, explains the importance for SciLifeLab to support technology development and explore new technologies that could enable breakthrough discoveries to be made in the future:

“TDPs are one of the strategic initiatives to keep-up of SciLifeLab infrastructure at the cutting-edge”, he says. “This is a major collaborative effort between the national SciLifeLab organization and the host universities and I want to thank all of those who participated in writing and evaluation of the proposals. We wish good luck to the chosen projects in bringing cutting-edge molecular tools and capabilities to life scientists in Sweden and beyond. “





Last updated: 2018-11-01

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