Successful Satellite Symposium at NLSDays

On Monday the 10th of September, SciLifeLab hosted the satellite symposium SciLifeLab as a national resource for life science, in which almost 200 representatives from academia, industry and public sector in Europe, China and US took part. 

The symposium was organized as a part of the Nordic Life Science Days 2018 and focused on introducing SciLifeLab units and technologies, as well as letting participants know how to leverage the unique asset of SciLifeLab services. An exhibition of SciLifeLab units were put on during the day, and a number of representatives from both SciLifeLab, industry and public sector gave presentations.

“It is not only about offering technologies, but also about the competent staff that handles them” Olli Kallioniemi, Director, said about the idea behind SciLifeLab.


Full speaker list:

  • Anna Sandström, Science Relations Director, Astra Zeneca.
  • Hjalmar Brismar, Platform Scientific Director, Advanced Light Microscopy, SciLifeLab.
  • Jenni Nordborg, Director, Life Science Government Offices of Sweden.
  • Lars Engstrand, Director, Centre for Translational Microbiome Research, Karolinska Institutet and SciLifeLab.
  • Lars Hammarström, Strategic Relations Officer, SciLifeLab.
  • Ole Petter Ottersen, Vice Chancellor, Karolinska Institutet.
  • Olli Kallionemi, Director, SciLifeLab.
  • Per Arvidsson, Platform Director, Drug Discovery & Development, SciLifeLab.
  • Ylva Hultman, Head of Life Science, Investment Promotion, Invest Stockholm.


Last updated: 2018-09-12

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