The 2022 SciLifeLab master’s class arrives at Campus Solna

Last week, this year’s batch of students accepted to the Master’s program Molecular Techniques in Life Science, arrived at Campus Solna. We interviewed two of the students to learn more about their goals and motivations.

The Master’s program is a 2-year program designed to prepare the students for a professional research career in life science, with a particular focus on molecular techniques for disease therapies and diagnostic tools, as well as bioinformatics and programming.

The program is the result of a unique collaboration between Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University, in the environment of SciLifeLab. All of the students will receive a joint degree upon graduation.

Ellen Sjude and Andrea Raisman are two of the new master’s students.

Andrea Raisman moved to Sweden after receiving the news that she’d been accepted into the master’s program.

“I applied to the program both because I wanted to study at Karolinska Institutet and KTH and because I wanted to live in Stockholm”, she says. “I would like to see the unique things Sweden has to offer. Seeing the Northern Lights is up there, trying winter sports, sailing in the archipelago, visiting places where I can see wildlife.”

She hopes that this program will be a stepping stone in a long and fortuitous research career.

“I expect it to be a gateway into getting a PhD. At the same time, academically, I hope to learn about the newest technologies in the field that will allow me to use Biology as a tool to make the world a little better.“

Ellen Sjude went into the master’s program with the expectation that she would not only gain theoretical knowledge in molecular biology, biomedicine, and biotechnology, but also learn how it can be applied using cutting-edge methods.

“I like how the course contents include programming and focus on high-throughput biology and data analysis, as I expect this to be very useful in my future studies and career. Additionally, getting the chance to integrate research into education by project work, internships and the master’s thesis is a great way to prepare for PhD studies”, says Ellen Sjude.

How was your first day and introduction?

“I really enjoyed my first day and introduction! It was great getting to get a general introduction to the program on the SciLifeLab premises. It is very inspiring to be in a place where such cutting-edge research is taking place! I really enjoyed getting to meet all of my classmates for the upcoming two years, as well as to meet representatives from the different universities and SciLifeLab”, says Ellen Sjude.

Andrea Raisman clarifies how valuable it was that the first day and week were mainly about helping the students, introducing them to all the available resources instead of jumping directly into academic lectures.

“It was truly the friendliest introduction I could have asked for. Moving to a new country is very difficult, but the transition here has been quite smooth”, says Andrea Raisman.

What convinced you to apply for this master’s program?

“Karolinska Institutet, KTH, and Stockholm University are all top institutions in the fields of technology and life sciences. The moment I found the program, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I love the idea of people from different backgrounds studying and working together. I think doing it jointly is an amazing project and I am thrilled to be in it”, says Andrea Raisman.

To Ellen Sjude, it was the unique combination of molecular biology, biomedicine and bioinformatics that mainly convinced her to apply.

“Additionally, getting the chance to study at three different universities while also having strong ties to SciLifeLab is a fantastic opportunity that I simply could not miss!”, she exclaims.

“I just want to say that every little detail is very appreciated. They might seem silly or trivial, but things such as getting lunch after the introductory sessions, getting memorabilia from the universities and SciLifeLab, having arrival dates, they all make us feel welcome”, Andrea Raisman finishes.

The SciLifeLab communications department would like to take the opportunity to welcome Andrea, Ellen, and their classmates to SciLifeLab – and wish them good luck in the years to come!


Last updated: 2024-03-27

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