The OligoNova Hub is taking shape and joins the SciLifeLab DDD platform

OligoNova Hub, the new national platform for oligonucleotide drug development, continues to build its operations. The center, enabled through funding from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, SciLifeLab, the University of Gothenburg and private donations, will bring a new set of tools into the hands of Swedish researchers to help them turn their ideas and academic discoveries into more effective therapies.

The Hub will also become part of SciLifeLab’s Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) platform, adding a third pillar to the operations of the platform which currently focuses on small molecules and proteins.

“Oligonucleotide therapeutics open new avenues to treat many diseases where traditional drugs have failed. The unique modes-of-action of therapeutic oligonucleotides enables treatments that correct disease-causing genetic variations, and can also be used to tune the levels of specific proteins. Through OligoNova Hub, these new opportunities for drug discovery will become available to the Swedish research community. Ultimately, we hope that this will lead to new treatment options for patients in need”, says Claes Gustafsson, professor of Medical Chemistry at the Sahlgrenska Academy.

OligoNova Hub is now being built at the AstraZeneca BioVentureHub incubator, in the rapidly expanding GoCo Health Innovation City environment in Mölndal/Gothenburg. The Hub is thus perfectly situated to interact with academic researchers, health care professionals and international pharma and biotech companies.

“During the coming months we will recruit a team of up to 12 dedicated scientists to OligoNova Hub. In the first stage, we are now recruiting two Heads of Facility, one for the oligonucleotide chemistry operations and one for development of cell-based assays. This is an amazing opportunity for highly skilled scientists to help build the OligoNova Hub infrastructure and make a significant impact on the Swedish drug discovery scene”, says Pär Matsson, Professor of Pharmacokinetics at the Sahlgrenska Academy and Scientific Director of the OligoNova Hub.

OligoNova vacancies:

Head of Facility / Team Leader – Oligonucleotide Chemistry
Application is open until September 6

Head of Facility / Team Leader – Cell Assay Development
Application is open until September 6


Last updated: 2021-08-19

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