The Svedbergspriset 2019 goes to SciLifeLab Fellow Magda Bienko

SciLifeLab Fellow Magda Bienko (Karolinska Institutet) has been awarded the Svedbergpriset 2019 for her research about DNA-organization and how it affects gene expression in different cell types.

In order to to better understand the molecular mechanism behind this Magda had to develop several tools during her research. One of those is the new sequencing method called “Genomic loci Positioning by Sequencing” or GPSeq.

GPSeq makes it possible to study how DNA is organized in the three-dimensional space of the nucleus and how the organization is established and maintained during cell division. It also helps shedding light on how disorganization of DNA is linked to various diseases such as cancer.

“This prestigious price has a double meaning to me. Obviously, it is a unique recognition for my scientific achievements during the past fifteen years. But also, it is especially meaningful because it is given in a country that has a very strong tradition of excellence in science in general, and in biochemistry in particular. It truly shows that, with hard work and passion, we can climb the highest peaks and be recognized for that, no matter where we come from”, says Magda Bienko, in a press release from Karolinska Institutet.

Photo: Stefan Zimmerman


Last updated: 2019-06-17

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