Three SciLifeLab researchers granted SSF funding for systems biology projects

Published: 2017-06-28

Olli Kallioniemi (Karolinska Institutet), Sten Linnarsson (Karolinska Institutet) and Sven Nylander (Uppsala University), all SciLifeLab faculty members, have been granted five years funding from SSF – Stiftelsen för strategisk forskning. The call was designed to support projects within systems biology, an emerging field of research aimed to understand complex relationships and interactions between components in biological systems. They will receive in total 34 MSEK, 34 MSEK and 30MESK, respectively. The total funding of this cross-disciplinary call is 300 million SEK.


Projects (translated):

Olli Kallioniemi: Precision medicine for optimization of therapies in AML

Sten Linnarsson: Cellular re-programming for stem cell therapy

Sven Nelander: New integrative strategies against brain cancer (together with Chalmers, University of Gothenburg and Karolinska Institutet)