WASP and DDLS joint call for research visits 2023

With ambition to bridge the gap between the data science and life science disciplines, WASP and DDLS now announce a research visit program. WASP and DDLS researchers will have the opportunity to visit other research environments and corresponding sites in Sweden and globally and exchange knowledge about new technologies and research.

DDLS and WASP are bridging the gap between life science and data science in an initiative funded by The Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation to support collaborations between these two major national strategic research programs. We now announce a new research visit program to enhance transfer of knowledge and enhance collaborations between DDLS and WASP communities and the respective research environments.

The research visit program provides financial support for researchers from either DDLS or WASP to visit each other’s research environments. The program covers visits not only between national sites, but also to similar research environments internationally. The visit should last for a minimum of three months and must start within one year after the decision has been made and completed within two years. A brief report should be provided within two months after the visit has ended to the WASP Program Office and/or DDLS support team, indicating what the research visit entailed and how it was beneficial.

Five projects from each research program will receive grants during 2023. The maximum available funding for a research visit is 750 000 SEK. The goal of the funded projects is to contribute to the WASP-DDLS collaboration and expand its opportunities by e.g., making data, resources, and code available in accordance with the FAIR principles to each other, and/or acquiring such resources from collaborators. Project participants are expected to be active contributors and participants in DDLS, such as by participating in community events, training activities, seminars, and symposia.

Application deadline is May 24, 2023. Decision to applicants will be provided at the end of June 2023.

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Last updated: 2023-02-28

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