Well visited SciLifeLab-DAY,

SciLifeLab Uppsala began the fall with the conference SciLifeLab-DAY. Approximately 230 scientists attended the conference, held twice a year for SciLifeLab members, one in January and one in August. The aim of SciLifeLab conferences is to build a strong community within life science research in Uppsala. Researchers in the community get the opportunity to meet and discuss both science and strategic perspectives.

Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, director of SciLifeLab in Uppsala, gave the opening talk entitled “Strategic discussion: What can we do now and where are we going”. Two of the major biobanking initiatives, EpiHealth and Life Gene, were presented. The Ångström scientists Maria Strömme, Jöns Hilborn and Håkan Engqvist presented their research in biomaterials, and also a number of ongoing case studies were presented during the day. “Poster sessions” were combined with the coffee breaks and personnel both from the nine SciLifeLab technical platforms as well as from the Uppsala Biobank and the Berzelii Center were nearby to give information about their work.


Last updated: 2011-08-24

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